Renault Trafic 2018

Renault Trafic 2018 is a reliable commercial van that combines functionality and style. With an agile design and ergonomic interior, this vehicle offers comfortable handling and easy cargo carrying. Modern technologies include intelligent security and communication systems, as well as efficient engines that ensure economical fuel consumption. Thanks to its flexible cargo compartment configuration, the Renault Trafic 2018 is ideal for a variety of business needs. The excellent combination of performance and comfort makes this van an attractive choice for entrepreneurs and commercial companies.

Type of fuel: Diesel

Number of seats: 8

Power, hp: 145

Maximum speed, km/h: 176

Fuel consumption (combined cycle), l.: 5.9

Type of drive: Front-wheel

Transmission: Manual transmission / automatic transmission

Trunk volume, l: 1800/3400

Fuel tank volume, l: 80

Clearance: 182

Ecological engine type: Euro 6