Toyota Prius 2009

2009 Toyota Prius is the epitome of elegance and fuel economy. With 78 hp and fuel injection system, this petrol hybrid provides smooth acceleration and a top speed of up to 170 km/h, while maintaining an incredible fuel consumption of 4.3 l/100 km. Attractive design combined with advanced technology and front-wheel drive make the Prius the ideal partner for those who value style and efficiency. Driving this car, every trip turns into a unique and comfortable journey. Experience modern style and power with the Toyota Prius, your reliable road companion. All cars are equipped  gas equipment.

Type of fuel: Gasoline, gas

Electrical installation: Yes

Power, hp: 78

Maximum speed, km/h: 170

Fuel consumption (combined cycle), l.: 4.3

Type of drive: Front-wheel

Transmission: Automatic transmission

Trunk volume, l: 408

Fuel tank volume, l: 45